Officially an Officiant for everyone...


I am here to help make your day as special as you dreamt it.

I am happy to do Christian ceremonies of all denominations or even Catholic ceremonies. It can even be a general non-denominational ceremony. I can work with you on making it as mass like as you desire, if you want a full sermon on love and marriage as it reads in the bible or just a few passages from your favorite verses. I can make it as formal as you desire and custom fit it to whatever makes you feel like the ceremony fits you and your special someone.

I can also do character/themed weddings from something as simple as Halloween Masquerade to being in character with a ceremony tailored to the style of your wedding choices! (You may provide costuming for me and I am happy to wear it.) I am a trained actor, as well, so I can be in character to fit your theme. We can be as formal or as crazy as you desire, while still keeping the sacred aspects of the union of marriage. Creativity can only enhance the scared bond of love, not diminish it.

Secular weddings are also not a problem at all. We can make it about the love you two share and keep it there. I can also perform it as a handfasting celebration if you desire. I also am willing to perform same-sex marriages and marriages for people with a less than perfect past looking for a fresh start. Divorces and the like are no problem for me. I only ask the two people I am joining are ready for the commitment ahead and share the love, maturity, and respect needed to make a marriage work. I am a zero judgement zone. Your path is your path.

We can make this day any way you like it.

I myself am a married woman to a wonderful man and with a beautiful child. I know that love is a sacred gift and I want to help you celebrate that – come as you are. I am fully ordained with the Church of Universal Life which respects all religions and lifestyles in celebration of sharing the same universe.

I also provide services for funerals/memorials, naming ceremonies, and more. (See my Other Services page).

Pricing can also be found in the pages above.

If there is a religious denomination you want me to try, but don’t see, please let me know! I am willing to work with you on what you need.

I am building a portfolio and would love to have any couples I join be willing to write me a review and allow me to have a few pictures of me in front of the congregation to build my book. If you are willing, please let me know!

(I may also be willing to help consult on your wedding to help you generate ideas for favors, centerpieces, themes, how to plan it, etc. – These are Per Diem expenses and doesn’t constitute being a full wedding planner for your event. This is only a one-time consultation to help you make a list or generate ideas to help your reality come to life.)

I want this day to be everything you have dreamt it for yourself and the person you are pledging eternal love.

Let’s meet for coffee and we can discuss what you want out of your day – Please fill out an interest card on the Contact Us Page!


Are you having trouble finding a minister with your past?

Divorce isn't an issue.

Living together before marriage isn't an issue.

I only ask you have been together for awhile and understand this is a serious undertaking.

Let us meet for coffee and discuss your upcoming ceremony!


Do you want a theme wedding?

I studied acting and make-up, among other disciplines, at SUNY New Paltz.

I can help write a ceremony in a theme of your choosing.

I can also come dressed and in character, if you provide the costume.

The possibilities are endless.


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My husband Ryan Bullock has become ordained! 

He is also available for weddings and ceremonies! 

Am Officiant for anyone...